Tuesday, 26 March 2013


   Today was a day devoid of colour. The sky was a dirty white, the sea a murky grey - the air was filled with a dullness that only a bright outfit could counteract.

   I wore an emerald green chiffon blouse - because it's still winter and therefore jewel tones are acceptable - casual skinny jeans and a light-catching necklace.

   Eyeshadow palettes have been seriously lacking this winter - I'm not even interested in Urban Decay's second 'Naked' palette. I want to see some colour! All I've got to work with at the moment is my favourite navy shade by Elizabeth Arden, however I would be more than willing to pop on some greens, pinks and violets to get me in the mood for spring, when it eventually rolls round.



  1. Love this last pic, your eyes are beautiful!

    Samma x

    1. Thanks so much Samma! :) and thank you for commenting.

      Much love,
      Jennifer x

  2. Your eyes look beautiful, and I love the colour of that blouse.

    Lovely pictures :) I've just followed you!

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com


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