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March 2nd @ PFW: Shows I Loved vs Clothes I Would Wear

   It was an inspiring day at Paris Fashion Week yesterday, with major brands such as Acne, Viktor & Rolf, Vivienne Westwood and Comme des Garcons showing beautifully crafted AW13 collections. Here are a few of the shows that I highly recommend considering, vs the collections of clothing that I would personally wear.

Tsumori Chisato in Shows I Loved

   The quirky-but-dignified designs of Tsumori Chisato featured on the runway just before noon at PFW. Her designs entered and left the runway one by one, following an obvious theme of monochrome, but continued with occasional splashes of blue and red hues, and before we knew it the show had crescendoed into a sea of colour.

   As always with Chisato's collections, the manga influence was clearly visible in the large graphics and block colours. However, the collection somewhat appealed to the Parisian woman, with feminine silhouettes caught in a balancing act between shift-style tailoring on one outfit and curve contouring bodycon on the next.

   A slight bit of a quirky, smart, chic mish-mash with cropped fur jackets and fish scale print trousers thrown in - absolutely wonderful!

Martin Grant in Clothes I Would Wear

   Australian-born designer, Martin Grant, showed an AW13 collection that was very much 'his style'. The clothing completely reflected his focus on excellent tailoring and luxury fabrics, which has created the basis for his identity as a designer and explains his celebrity following. 

   The pieces shown at PFW featured a muted palette of charcoal greys, blacks and the occasional nude. It screamed 'simplicity', which is exactly why I thought the collection was a complete success and absolutely wearable.

   Here are a few photos of outfits that I loved:

Vivienne Westwood in Shows I Loved

   I will always love a Vivienne Westwood show. It's impossible not too. One always expects a surprise when anticipating the established, British designer's collections, however one is always taken aback at the underestimation of the result. In other words, expect to be even more surprised than you expected.

   Westwood succeeded again with a theatrical collection of hooded capes, power shoulders and bedazzling sequins inspired by the Medieval era, particularly the art work and stained glass windows. We also saw hints of her ever-persistent 'Climate Revolution' in political phrases and symbols printed across jumpers and capes in a truly candid style.

   However, we also saw the return of the cozy-knit, with Westwood featuring pea-coat style, baggy jumpers and oversized, wrap-around cardigans. I cannot help but smile at the sight of these, as Vivienne Westwood just gets the British girl's necessity for comfy, warm ensembles during Winter.




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