Friday, 15 March 2013

Jam Gou Dou

   If you live in the Suffolk area and have an insane love of doughy cakes filled with jam and smothered in icing, visit Jam Gourmet Doughnuts. I first came into contact with this brand when my sister bought a pack of a dozen for my birthday last year and put candles in each one of them. I must say, I've never had a more tasty birthday cake!

   For Comic Relief, they created a variety of doughnuts with a red theme. We ordered a load and they arrived this morning!

   I think I'd go as far to say that they're better than Krispy Kremes. I have to stick to certain flavours of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme as I find that they overload them with filling. However with Jam Gou Dou, I like each and every single one! Which is probably a bad thing... Oh well - one only lives once.

   If you like the sound of these and want to check them out, their website is here. A box of twelve variety doughnuts currently costs £11.95.
   They currently only deliver within a certain radius inside Suffolk, however I believe that they are soon extending this as they become more successful!

   I had mine with English Breakfast tea in a ridiculously large mug, because I like to feel like I'm in Central Perk.



  1. How wonderful that looks, now I'm hungry.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  2. Ah my god this post is just torture! Them doughnuts look delicious! x

  3. Loce that idea! Doughnut birthday cake!

  4. They look so nice! Doughnuts are my weakness x Love that they did RND ones, my nails are currently still bright red from Red Nose Day as well aha!

    Isabel Rose


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