Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How I Curl My Hair

   If you've seen photos of me with my hair curled on this blog, this is how I create that look.

   I normally only wash my hair around three times a week because it gets very dry if I wash it too often. So with this hairstyle, I can leave it in for two or three days and on the last day before I wash my hair, I brush the curls out and it creates a gorgeous wave that I absolutely love.

   As stated in the 'information' section on the YouTube page for this video, I use straighteners to curl my hair because I don't like the effect I get when using a barrel curler or wand - tight ringlets don't really suit my face. With this technique, it produces a softer curl that holds for a long time.

   Hope you enjoy the video, any feedback would be so appreciated!


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