Monday, 11 March 2013

Dressing for the cold relapse

   Just when I thought I could leave my parka at home and (bravely) break out the dresses - BANG - it's snowing again. Not only can a not wear heels for fear of breaking an ankle slipping on the ice, I also cannot wear anything less than two pairs of leggings, Uggs (ugh, I know), a very thick jumper, cape, scarf and hat. So, basically, I'm a walking coat stand.

   I think the dresses may have to wait until the clocks go forward to see the light of day. Until then, here's a list of the most lustworthy outdoor apparel on my list (and hopefully the last pieces of warm clothing I'll be concerned with until October).

Topshop Black & White Boyfriend Coat -- £75.00 --[966817|208526]&noOfRefinements=1

Mango Ribbed Knit Sweater in 'Water' -- £34.99 --

Louboutin Freddy Veau Velours -- £695.00 --

River Island Black Textured Tube Skirt -- £20.00 --

Missguided Chrissty Roller Hat with Ears -- £14.99 --

DKNY Gold Plated Ladies Watch -- £145.00 --

Isotoner Black Marl Cuff Gloves -- £20.00 --


  1. I love the hat with ears!
    Great choices, I want to buy them all
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. Thank you for following, following you back :) btw you have an amazing voice !

  3. I absolutely love the coat, if only it was a bit cheaper so i could afford it:( The weather has been so strange recently, as soon as it seems to be warming up it goes back down to minus degrees again!x


  4. This would make such a stunning outfit. i absolutely love the coat, i want it :-( but £75 is like waaaay to much for me haha.

  5. A stunning and unique outfit. I love the watch and the coat a lot.
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