Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kate Spade Flats

    Having seen these on the Pinterest-sphere many a time, I thought I'd check out the Kate Spade website to see what other designs they stocked. 
   Result? A plethora of gorgeous, pink, black, white, leopard print, sequined, tassled, bow-embellished flats.
   These are, without a doubt, the most gorgeous, luxurious, wearable selection of flat shoes that I have laid my eyes on.
   With prices currently ranging from $78 to $328, they're not the most affordable shoes in the world, but maybe one or two... or three... won't hurt the bank balance too much.
   I've been reading some reviews about various Kate Spade shoes and so far I have learnt that their products are very well-made and durable while still looking flattering, and that they are true to size.

   Here are a few of my favourite flats from their current range:

From left to right:

Trixie (Black/Cream/Gold) $228
Terry (Cork/Silver) $228
Terry (Leopard/Pink) $228
Jennie (Pink) $98
Flambe (Cobalt) $125

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