Friday, 1 February 2013

Ear Cuffs

   I haven't been doing my usual daily post for this week, which has probably affected me more than you as this blogging hobby has turned into a habit that I have to fulfill, otherwise I get twitchy - I could feel my fingers yearning for keys to type on.

   For the past few days, I have been visiting a few friends who'd moved to London. It was absolutely great to see them again and we had such a laugh, but it is good to be home again (as I tweeted earlier, "I can finally blog again from the comfort of my own laptop.")

   Today's post is about ear cuffs. I have been wearing these for about a year now after I discovered them in New Look, but recently I've been seeing them pop up in a few tweets by various magazines.

   They're a great alternative to earrings and you can even find some without a stud if you don't have pierced ears. I've spotted a great selection in Topshop and, as I mentioned earlier, New Look, who always seem to have a good variety of alternative earpieces.

   Here are a few that I've picked out from my mini collection.

   1. Heart / Peace Sign Ear Stud & Cuff - New Look

2. Crucifix Ear Stud & Cuff - New Look

3. Blue & Pink Gem Ear Cuff - Topshop



  1. I adore the Topshop one! I love the colours on it, I keep admiring it in the store aha x Only thing is it doesn't suit me *cries* You look great though!

    1. Thanks so much, the Topshop one's my fave too!

      Jennifer x


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