Saturday, 9 February 2013


   Really trying hard to amp up my work look. This is the first of many attempts to a) create a smart but stylish outfit to wear to work and b) actually wear all of the items in my wardrobe (not all at once though, obvs).

   Pictured above is a lace top from New Look and maroon chinos from Primark that I bought last year but only wore once. I need to stop doing this.

   Clothes were made to wear, and it's a bonus if you can re-use last season's clothes and make them look fabulous.

   Think about a piece of clothing that you haven't worn for a while. Pair it with something more current in your wardrobe, like an edgy pair of heels or a statement necklace, pair it together and see what happens. You might find that that old jumper you bought a year ago and never really considered turns out to be something beautiful.



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