Thursday, 28 February 2013

Balmain AW13 at Paris Fashion Week

   Glam rock style featured at the Balmain AW13 show at Paris Fashion Week.

   Strong, jutting shapes created a harsh silhouette, reminiscent of their SS13 collection, while glinting metallics brought this show-stopping look back to the 70s and 80s. 

   That enthusiastic Balmain textured pattern continued in this collection, with eye-catching quilted tops as one of the focal points.

   Futuristic jump-suits cinched in at the waist with heavily embellished belts, dripping chandelier earrings, MC Hammer trousers and power shoulders - there's not a thing I didn't love about this show!


OOTD - Tied at the Waist

Beanie - Crafted at Republic
Black Scarf - Bought while on holiday
Checkered Shirt - Primark
Studded Leather Jacket - Glamorous at Republic
Black Disco Pants -
Backpack - River Island
White High Top Flatforms -

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OOTD - Bunny Playsuit

Playsuit - Sugarhill Boutique
Necklace - Primark
Platform Shoe Boots -


Shopaholic Tag

I found this little treat on Glossy Boutique (you can find the original post here). Who doesn't love a post about shopaholicism?

   So here are some questions that I've answered to give you a bit of an insight into my shopping habits - if you have some spare time, copy the questions into a post, answer them and post the link in the comment box below; I'd love to hear about your guilty shopping pleasures!

How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?
   When I started this blog at 17. I wanted to have something to write about everyday, so I developed a little bit of an obsession with constantly having new things. Recently it's calmed down as I've been writing about Fashion Week, so I hope to keep it to a minimum now!
How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits you do after shopping?
   Not going to lie, a little bit regretful. However, I usually get more of a buzz when I try it on at home. No weird habits unfortunately, other than tweeting about it!
What are your top 5 favourite stores to shop at and why?
   Selfridges, because I love the luxury aspect, just standing in the foyer makes me excited; Topshop, because they always have size 6 in stock so I don't have to worry about finding something I love and having to wait for it to be ordered in; Miss Selfridge, because I can always find a whole outfit that is completely my style;, because everything is so reasonably priced and, despite this, well-made; Zara, because you can guarantee quality at high street prices.
What item do you have the most of in your closet?
Whats the most you have ever spent on 1 shopping trip?
  I'm not one to spend a thousand pounds in one trip. I'm more likely to spend a hundred, then go back the next day and spend another hundred. False security.
Do you ever experience shoppers regret?
   All the time.
What was something you regretted buying?
   Leopard print jeans. Totally not my style - and they really do make your legs look twice the size.
What is your favourite thing to buy?
   Blazers and lace up platform shoe boots; once I find something I like I tend to buy a lot of it.
Do you buy the same items in different colours?
    Yes, platform shoe boots!
Do you ever use dressing rooms?
   Only when I'm buying a dress for a special occasion, or when I'm buying an item that I wouldn't normally wear i.e. something with noticeable sheer panel.
Do you prefer to go shopping alone, or with others?... and who is your favourite shopping buddy?
    Definitely alone. Shopping is a selfish sport, and it's best to keep it that way.
If you could go shopping with a Celeb who would it be and why?
   Mollie King from the Saturdays so she can show me where to get the best short and blazer combinations.
If you could go shopping with a Blogger/Youtube guru who would it be and why?
   Susie Bubble, because she'd have loads to talk about and because her style is so quirky.
Whats your favourite, treat, snack, drink during or after shopping?
   If it's a cold day, a Costa hot chocolate with a caramel shot. If it's hot, the day cannot end without a trip to the crepe stand.
What is something you have always wanted to buy but never had the money to do so?
   Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats, Michael Kors Matt Black Watch, Celine Winged Tote, Burberry Mac, MAC or Nars makeup... The list is endless.
If you had £1000 to spend on anything you want, what would you splurge on?
   All of the above.
Are you a proud shopaholic?
   I think that goes without saying.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pinterest Finds: February Love

   Who said love just for the 14th? Here are some little treats that you can cook up for your other half - Or that they can cook for you... either way!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Emilio Pucci AW13 at Milan Fashion Week

   One wishes one could wear Emilio Pucci's thigh high boots. A beautiful set of slimmer-than-thou models slinked down the runway wearing the gorgeous second-skin boots in either camel, raspberry or black.

  The runway became a blur of signature 'Pucci print' skirts, fur coats, capes, shifts and high-waisted, tailored shorts. These were accompanied by simple handbags, waist-cinching belts and fringes (hair, I mean).

   The occasional flash of leopard print was an added extra - a pointed court here, a belt there - all tying in with the overall theme of sandy browns and simple blacks.

   Some of these looks I could easily wear for work, i.e. the pussybow blouses and high-waisted shorts, however I think I'll pass on the boots - leave it for someone five inches taller.

Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13
Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13
Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13
Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 13


eBay Clearout!

   Just a little update!

   I'm having a massive wardrobe clear out and selling it all on eBay.

   I've got a few items listed already, with a lot more to come.

   I have loads of items going for as little as £2.50, and many haven't even been worn (that's my shopping addiction for you)..


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Back to the Future + #21 at Milan Fashion Week

Top - Miso
Jeans -
Flatform High Tops -
Necklace - Miso

#21 at Milan Fashion Week

   #21 is a brand that was first debuted at MFW in AW10, designed by Italian fashion designer, Alessandro Dell'Acqua.
    Like our beloved J. W. Anderson, Dell'Acqua fuses men's and women's style together to create an androgynous look, however this is decidedly more subtle than the Irish designer.

   His AW13 collection showed sleek lines that were completely appropriate for Italian runway, and complimented the use of neutral tones and refined fur pieces. However, a touch of sparkle caught my attention and, though displayed on less than a handful of items, made the collection that little bit more exciting.

   Here are several looks that I feel encompassed his collection at MFW:


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LFW Shows I Loved VS Clothes I Would Actually Wear

   London Fashion Week is over and I have nothing to distract myself with at work/university. The live shows on the LFW were such a great way to get in touch with the otherwise inaccessible shows and designers, proof that fashion can be for everyone, not just for the FROWs.

   So this post is about the shows that I thought were particularly brilliant, against the designers whose clothes I would wear myself.

   Let's start with J. W. Anderson in Shows I Loved

   The Irish designer smashed it this year with a hit collaboration with Topshop, following his genius controversial menswear collection. He's the up and coming designer on everyone's lips, winning last year's 'Emerging Talent Award' at the British Fashion Awards. 
   This fashion week he displayed a collection that mirrored his whole aesthetic that the line between menswear and womenswear should be blurred. In his own words, "Things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man."

   Agreed. Check my post earlier today with me in my boyfriend's denim shirt. On the other hand, I doubt very much that my boyfriend would be prepared to go out wearing my dresses. Neither would they fit him.

   Here's a few photos of J.W. Anderson's brilliant AW13 womenswear collection:

   Out of this collection I would probably wear the long cherry red (coat?) with the front split and high neck line, and the tops from the third images down.

House of Holland in Clothes I Would Actually Wear

   The established Henry Holland loves his loud prints and bold colours, and didn't disappoint this week with a collection of bright apparel that summed up the hand-in-hand concepts of wearable style and pop culture.

    However, this collection didn't seem fresh and new for me. It was rather, without seeming offensive, a round up of everything we've seen before. I much preferred his SS12 collection of pastel colours and whimsical prints, or even his SS13 pre-collection of vivid stripes that really brought out the fun in his designs.

   I would wear a handful or two of the designs from this week's AW13 show, just because they're ridiculously wearable I've always loved the shapes Holland creates. However I would only feel like I'm wearing something particularly special with a small few of the pieces.

Moschino Cheap and Chic in Clothes I Would Actually Wear

   Last Saturday we saw Moschino Cheap and Chic show a set of monochrome pieces with flashes of colour, considerably differing from their AW12 collection which saw a palette barely even hinting to the word 'black'.

   Yes, Moschino's Cheap and Chic division has always created wearable clothes. However, I find it somewhat hard to see a visible relationship between the clothes and the brand. It seems difficult to pinpoint what their ethos is.

   The jackets from the AW13 collection were a stroke of genius, with bursts of plumage, leopard print and coats covered in large handwritten fonts that look suspiciously like Louis Vuitton's graffiti collection, but still appear stylish.

   Some of the peices, however, looked more Peacocks than polished, with a polka dot design that just didn't float with the rest of the collection.

   So these are the pieces that I particularly favour:

Eudon Choi in Shows I Loved AND Clothes I Would Actually Wear

   You might have seen my post on the fabulous Eudon Choi show earlier this week - if not, the link is here.

   I don't think I really need to explain the awesomeness of this collection. it was everything I love about fashion rolled into one: brilliantly strong shapes, a mix of feminine and masculine, bold flashes of colour and, of course, floral crowns. 

   I put Eudon Choi in both categories because I would wear almost all of his pieces and I would absolutely love wearing them!

   If you didn't see the photos from my last post, I've posted some more below.

Ashley Williams for Fashion East in Shows I Loved

   Recently graduated from Westminster Uni, the 24 year old designer has racked up a reputation as a rising star in the world of British fashion with her fun pop looks worn by Rihanna and Rita Ora.

   Her AW13 collection featured stuffed animals, fluffy collars and shawls and Elvis Presley's face plastered on sleek shifts - an eclectic nod to pop-culture, you might say. However, the cheery clothes aren't a reflection on the designer, who assumes a more withdrawn disposition. Apparently, in her own words, Williams is "a borderline hoarder" and her whimsical prints come from everyday objects like old wrapping paper.

   Here are some of the pieces from her collection that I thought were excellently planned and well-executed, but unfortunately they're not quite my style.

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