Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Zara Skull Print Tee

   In the past year or so I've really taken an interest in Zara, simply because of their high level of luxury goods and service for a high street store. Their clothes suit my workwear style (and, on the odd occasion, casual) with a plethora of block-coloured, perfectly-tailored, non-offensive clothing. 
  It really is a luxury brand, however, you don't always realise this until you buy from their website.

   First of all, their webpage mimics that of a luxury designer brand, with Flash-required imagery, sleek photos and a tidy font. Ordering is made easy, with free collection from a store, or standard delivery at £3.95. If you choose the standard delivery option like I did, you'll receive email alerts nearly every day updating you on the whereabouts of your order. Sometimes this can be annoying, sometimes this can be helpful - up to you. They give you the time your item will be delivered to the exact hour, which was actually correct when I received mine.

   Now, I'm a Zara Online newbie, and so I was quite excited when I opened the package to find a neat little box with the company's name printed on the lid...

   AND your order is wrapped up in white tissue paper with a sticker from its collection season!

   So here's my t-shirt (£5.99, I might add), complete with an artsy tag.
   It's really cute and whimsical with the little speech bubble saying, "HEY!"
   It is meant to be baggy - I got a 'small' and it feels about a size 10, so stay true to your size and don't buy too large..
   The fabric's really comfortable and, to continue from what I was explaining earlier, it adds to the luxury feel of the brand.


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