Friday, 11 January 2013

Topshop Season Preview

   The new season is coming into view, with hints of the 90s in abundance. Dungarees look like they could be reemerging, Fresh Prince of Bel Air style. London designer, Ashish, already predicted a dungaree comeback in his September show last year.
   Topshop already have some cute dungarees in stock. This tailored one (below) is a dip into the trend if you're not keen on a full-on reminiscence with your mid-nineties, denim-clad self.

Shoes £55.00
Dungarees £100.00
Bag £32.00


   Once again we're seeing animal print rule the runway, with designers such as Stella McCartney, Paul Smith and Jaeger featuring everything from tortoise to giraffe to zebra, and let's not forget the much-loved leopard print.
   This trend is one for everyone, whether you're keeping it toned down with a hint of print on a bag or a pair of courts, or your going full swing with cigarette pants and a matching blazer - either way, it's uber hot!

   Now, forget the 'animal head on a jumper' high street trend of A/W 2012 - we're going all the way with an absurd amount of furry, fluffy and feathered friends popping up all over our apparel. Check out this zebra print shirt at Topshop with a bold turquoise trim.

Shoes £58.00
Cigarette trousers £42.00
Zebra Print Shirt £40.00

   As a routine trend, florals have appeared again for Spring. However, this time the well-loved style is going oriental, with splashes navy, jade green and red. Though I'm not a huge fan of florals in general, I do appreciate the Eastern twist as it makes a huge statement.

   Though it doesn't hugely reflect the oriental style, I've selected this floral tee as it's a manageable kind of floral - and doesn't give you a headache. I'm so tempted to pair it with white trousers, but I fear it would look too grandma-ish. Oh what the hey, let's give it a go.

Shoes £70.00
Floral Tee £45.00
Peg Leg Trousers £42.00



  1. Loving the first shoe in this collection!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. I agree! Thanks so much for the comment :) x


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