Thursday, 17 January 2013


   Work shoes are always an issue with me. I'm on my feet a lot so it's impractical to wear towering high heels (though I wish I could), but when I'm wearing flats you can barely see me above the shop counters.

   I've decided I'm going to have to try a mid-heel. A 'not too tall, not too short' heel will prolong achey feet and give me some height so customers won't think I'm a lost child.

   In the Dorothy Perkins sale, I spotted a sparkly pair of cut-out, pointed toe, mid-heel shoes. Although they were a five which is one size too big for me, the pointed toe made them feel significantly smaller.

   They were in the sale, so I got them for £15.00 - another bargain!

   I'm finding it a tad difficult to walk in them as the cut outs make my ankles want to twist inwards for some reason, but as I wear them I'm sure I'll get used to it.

   Wear with black cigarette trousers and a cute animal print tee.

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