Monday, 7 January 2013

Pinterest Finds: Jewellery Storage Ideas

   I'm always searching for new, practical and pretty ways to store my jewellery, and I can't think of any better place to look than Pinterest. I've found a few great ideas and, perhaps better than anything, they're storage facilities that you can make yourself.

   The first I've found is a neutral coloured mesh fabric placed in a gorgeous, ornate frame. The jewellery hangs from pins or hooks that are fixed onto the mesh, creating not only a great storage solution for your best necklaces, ring and bracelets, but also a beautiful piece of wall art.
   Another way you could do this is by purchasing a corkboard and covering it in fabric before placing a frame over the top, which might make it more sturdy. And there's no reason you couldn't change the colours - I'm thinking leopard print inside a black frame!

DIY Jewelry Holder

The link can be found here:

   I found another jewellery board with the same idea but without the frame, and instead of hooks you can include draw handles - great for little earrings. If we're going to be creative about this, why not try out some of those cute little round door handles to hang necklaces or bracelets over?

Jewelry Board


  Lastly, I saw another photo of a jewellery organiser with the frame idea, but this is a stand-alone frame without a backing, and instead there are wires leading across the frame for the jewellery to hang from. However, this is really just for drop earrings. Check out the photo below.

..another jewelry storage idea.



  1. All of these are adorable! Love it

  2. those are such great display and storage ideas!!! so need to get a move on.


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