Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pinterest Finds: DIY Fashion


   I've been on Pinterest so much lately as there are so many new inspiring images to look at! My style in terms of clothing, home decor and makeup (especially nail art) is definitely broadening and I'd class Pinterest as an essential tool in my everyday life.

   I thought I would share with you my most recent DIY Fashion find on Pinterest, as I think this particular idea is a revelation!


   Embellished bras!

  It's something so simple that you could do yourself with a plain bra and some studs/diamantes/sequins... the list is actually endless.

  If you've got a top with large armholes, this would be great to wear underneath as the embellishment would add some glitz to your outfit.

  A cheap black bra would be adequate and the materials for embellishing can be found really cheap on Amazon or eBay.

  You could even find a plain black bralet/corset top, smack on some jewels or studs and wear it out as it is (though do put a coat on when you're outside - I don't condone freezing in the name of fashion).

   Above is a short picture-based tutorial of how to embellish a bra with pyramid studs. Try it for yourself?


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