Sunday, 20 January 2013

Miss Selfridge Preview 2013

    I don't always shop at Miss Selfridge, but when I do, I ask myself why I don't shop there more often.

   First of all, they always have my size (6/8) which is a miracle as some other shops seem to be lacking in that department. Sometimes I walk into New Look and all I see is size 18...

   Secondly, the clothing at Miss Selfridge is a perfect blend of laid-back casual and lady-like smart which gives me a great range of casual wear and office wear. It's like a grown-up girly shop, encompassing my style in a nutshell.

   Finally, it's pretty much the same price-wise as all the other high street shops I buy from - bar H&M, but even they seem to have got a teeny tiny bit more expensive, or is that just me?

   More to the point, Miss Selfridge have their 2013 Lookbook available to view on their website:

  They say their new collection gives 'a delicate nod to the carefree spirit of the 1970s'. I agree, though sometimes they make it too easy to look like Jenny in Forrest Gump (see right).

    That aside, the Lookbook shows some great new clothing, especially girly dresses in pastels and lace, alongside some deep-south style washed out denim and the more edgy, black lace dresses. Pretty much what's been selling for the past two S/S seasons, but hey, what sells sells.

   Here's a little screen shot of the Lookbook on the website:

Spring Summer 13 Lookbook 

   Miss Selfridge already have some 'New In' clothing that reflects this style. Below, I've selected a few pieces that give a little taste of what you will expect to see this year:

Floral Playsuit, £40.00
Nude Diamante Slipper, £25.00
Nude & Lace Shirt Dress, £39.00
Lace bra top, £26.00
Laser Cut Heel, £46.00
Bleach Ultra Soft Jean, £36.00



  1. I have a question... Do you think that sheer dress on the bottom left is the "Star Embroidered Mesh Dress"? Because it doesn't reallyyyy look like it, but when you go to "shop the collection" online, it shows the Star dress as being part of the collection... I'm really just asking out of a desperate attempt to assure myself that the Star dress isn't as white/sheer/boring as the one on the model in the Spring Collection. Haha sorry that was long-winded.

    1. Hiya, this is the Star Embroidered Mesh Dress: .. So no, they're not the same :)

      Thanks for your comment!
      Jennifer x


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