Sunday, 20 January 2013

Maison Talbooth

   There's something that we all have in common in our beautiful little kingdom: weather.
   Rain, wind or shine, we can always find solace in talking about the weather. Whether it's making small talk at the bus stop, or during the adverts with your partner, the familiar topic gives us all something to talk about.
   Snow, as much as I really cannot stand it, has brought all of Britain together over the past few days. Some of us hate it (i.e. those who drive), some of us love it (i.e. kids trying to get a day off school), but it affects all of us. 
   Today, at the picturesque hotel, Maison Talbooth, the snow was ragingly persistent. The grounds were coated in a thick white blanket, creating a lovely photo opportunity, but it was absolutely freezing.
   When I got inside, the fire was roaring, the big armchairs were so comfy and a pot of Earl Grey just topped it off. I could have laid down and fallen asleep.
   Being inside, watching the snow falling through the window, it was like everyone in that room was there together - totally unlike the 'keep-to-yourself' Britain that we're so used to. For those few hours of afternoon tea, I actually liked snow.

   To have afternoon tea at Maison Talbooth, I wore my black playsuit that I reviewed here:

   My Dorothy Perkins heels that I reviewed here:

   Raspberry and black crackle Barry M nail paint (pictured below), a pearl necklace and an opal ring.

   The afternoon tea, costing £17.50, consisted of a variety of sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a variety of cakes, all with your choice of tea.

   This was such a goregous tea pot (below). It looked like an ornament - so beautiful!

   The Maison Talbooth webpage can be found here:



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