Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lush Review

  Everybody knows Lush. Whether it's that smell you get when you walk past a shop, or the fact that they use completely natural ingredients in cool eco-packaging, we all know the brand in one way or another.

   Today I'm reviewing some products that I received at Christmas, tested and loved!

   First off is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner.

   This is pretty much what it says on the tin. It's a conditioner, but for your skin. You rub it on in the shower or bath, rinse it off and then you have soft and lovely-smelling skin for the rest of the day!
   One of the main ingredients in this skin conditioner is argan oil - you may have seen this advertised in miracle hair oil products. This oil is one ingredient that really works. I use Moroccan Argan Oil (£4.99 from Boots) as a hair product and, quite honestly, my hair has never been softer or shinier. After using Ro's Argan Body Conditioner for several days, I have actually noticed that my skin has done the same thing. It definitely feels smoother than it was before, defying the persistent effects of cold weather.
   There are two things I dislike about this product. The first is how my skin feels straight after putting the skin conditioner on. The product makes it feel like it's coated in another skin. Strange sensation, but it obviously disappears when you dry off. The second is that you have to use a lot of the product to do your whole body, which makes it rather expensive per use.

   Rating: 7/10

Twilight Shower Gel.

   Twilight is a great product for those who haven't tried Lush products before. It's a purple gel that, when shaken, sparkles! And who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? As it states on the packaging, it smells of lavender, which is genuinely relaxing.
   When you use it in the shower it creates a really bubbly lather and it's great value for cost per use as one little bottle can last for weeks.
   In terms of the effect it has on your skin, it's basically like any other shower gel. It doesn't have any skin softening traits like the conditioner (above), but it does cleanse and make your skin smell lovely!

   Rating: 8/10

Tiny Hands Massage Bar.

   I have used Lush massage bars for a long time and I absolutely swear by them. They last for ages, even if you use them every day, and they make your skin so soft and moisturised.
   The real secret behind the success of the massage bar is the word 'massage'. Massage, in general, is used to relax, which is exactly what you're doing when you use the bar. You rub the oils into your skin, stimulating your muscles as you go, creating a really relaxing vibe. This would work even if you didn't use the massage bar, it's just there for softening your skin on top of the effects of massage.
   The Tiny Hands bar is pretty much the same as any of Lush's massage bars, however I've found that its smaller size makes it easier to handle than the larger bars.

   Rating: 10/10

Snowcake Soap.

   Once upon a time, this piece of star-shaped Snowcake had a golden glitter topping. However, I forgot to take a photo of it before I tested it so here's a generic photo off the website:

    Snowcake is a fun little soap that you can either use as a hand soap or in the shower/bath. Its golden glitter coating rubs off on the first wash which is a shame, but it looks pretty to begin with!
   It's a really soft soap that rubs into a light and gentle lather, and I found that the star shape makes it really easy to handle so it doesn't slip out of your hand while washing. Another bonus: it has a gorgeous marzipan-scent which makes your skin smell like sweets!

   Rating: 8/10

   One thing I'd like to try is Lush's Emotional Brilliance range. It features lipsticks, eyeliner, cream eyeshadows, mascara, face powder and skin tints, all with very uplifting names like 'Perspective' and 'Intuitive'. Prices begin from £12.00, which isn't bad for all natural ingredients.



  1. I'm a fan of their gorgeous soaps and I love the way you can smell a Lush store before you even see it! I would love to try the body conditioner.

    1. Same here! I recommend trying the body conditioner - works a treat.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Jennifer x


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