Sunday, 6 January 2013

January Nails

   Last year, I developed an unhealthy obsession with nail polish, so much so that I managed to acquire almost the entire range of Barry M products over the course of 2012. Today I've decided to post a few images of what I've been doing with my nails so far this January, as well as giving you my opinion on some of the Barry M products.

1. 331 Chameleon Blue & 311 Crackle Effects

   The Chameleon stumped me a bit at first. As always, I didn't read the label, and therefore didn't realise that for the colour to change you have to use a topcoat. Painting the nail polish on, it came out a metallic blue colour. however after applying the topcoat, the colour changed swiftly to mauve - as you can see in the above photograph. I decided to jazz it up a bit by adding the Crackle Effect Nail Paint in Black before adding the topcoat, and I think the finished effect looks great. I love the crackle look, though the polish itself can get a bit clumpy due to its thickness. On the plus side, it last for a long time without chipping!
   Below I painted the Crackle Effect over a foil silver Punkyfish nailpolish that I had lying around. The two textures contrast with each other, making my nails look like broken mirrors. Quite cool.

2. Galaxy nails

   The galaxy trend was inescapable towards the end of 2012, yet I'm only just beginning to like it. To me, it was rather 90s, but now I'm seeing some interesting new clothing designs donning the print and it's a possibility I'm willing to look into, beginning with my nails.
   It took me a few attempts and about six nail polishes (Including 355 Gold Mine Glitter, 352 Pink Sapphire Glitter and 272 Shocking Pink, all by Barry M) to get this right and I'm still not entirely happy with it. To me it just looks a bit messy, but that's perhaps because I was in a rush to get ready that evening. Below are some photos. I first used a purple nail polish and then painted over it with a blue,which I now prefer.
   I learned how to do it from a great site called Polish and Pearls. The girl who runs it has a great video and some photos in this link:

3. 273 Raspberry

   I can't explain how much I love this nail polish. The colour is such a warm garnet jewel tone and it goes on so slick. Love!

4. 354 Amethyst Glitter

   I saw this when I picked up 273 Raspberry (above) and thought I might try it out over the top.
   Not a fan.
   I really like the colour of the glitter (to be honest, I'm a sucker for any glitter nail polish), but it didn't spread very easily. If you look closer at the image below, you can see patches from where the glitter wouldn't spread. I tried to paint another layer over the top, but it covered the raspberry underneath which isn't what I was looking for. Maybe one to try on its own rather than with a base colour.


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