Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globe Makeup: Blue Eyes

   Even though it's snowing, and it's too cold to think, it's still a beautiful day to be alive! Walked downstairs to find these beauties in the kitchen (below) - what girl can say no to roses?

   So today I was searching through Twitter for photos from last night's Golden Globes. It's more than appropriate to say that some of the attendees have really upped their game. Anne Hathaway looked so chic with that 'Les Miserables' haircut, and Amanda Seyfried rocked sleek blonde waves and elegant makeup.

   I noticed a few trends going on, one of which was blue eyeshadow, worn by Nicole Richie who went for an icy tone and Kerry Washington who kept it dark with a midnight shade.

   Though I've really despised anything lighter than navy on the eyes after Steps' all-blue disaster on TOTP in '98, I think I can be pushed a few tones lighter to a turquoise after seeing how well it worked on Nicole Richie.

   To see if I could actually pull off the look, I've done a little tester tutorial here for turquoise eyes:

For this, I'm using my 'Tricks of the Shade' palette by Soap & Glory. It's the first time I've used it, as I got it for Christmas and I've never tried any of the makeup range by Soap & Glory before.

Firstly, apply a primer. You can use any primer, but I'm using a foundation that I bought but it was too light a colour for my face so I use it as my primer.


Next, apply your shade of blue. I'm using the metallic blue from the 'Tricks of the Shade' palette. Apply this all over your lid, from corner to corner and slightly above the crease.

Apply a matt cream shade just under your eyebrow, blending it in with the edge of the blue. You don't want to use a metallic cream or white shade as the look will become less demure and more drag queen.

Lightly tap your angled brush into a charcoal shade and apply it to your bottom lashes. Don't make it too dark as we want the focus to be on the blue.

Use a gel liner or liquid eye liner pen to create a slick black line with a tiny flick at the end. I'm using Soap & Glory's 'Supercat' liner pen. 

Try not too make the line too thick otherwise the blue will get lost.

Finally, apply your mascara.

Done! That was more simple than I thought. Your finished shadow should look a bit like this (below).


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