Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Galaxy Platform Shoe Boots

    A few months ago I posted about some beautiful platform shoe boots I got from Boohoo.com, and I mentioned a pair on Missguided.co.uk that I was thinking of buying (http://www.artstylelove.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/fashion-blogging-platform-shoe-boots.html). The pair of shoes from Missguided.co.uk were £35.00, which is a good price considering they're gorgeous and quite sturdy so they're great value at cost per wear. However, about five days ago I saw the exact same pair on Boohoo.com, but they were £20.00. A whole fifteen pounds off made these shoes an absolute steal, so I bought them immediately. 

   Today I saw a little Boohoo.com package at the end of my bed, which I opened and excitedly tried on my new galaxy platform shoe boots.

   The galaxy pattern isn't the common mix of midnight blues, purples and greens; it's more of a sky blue colour mixed with a baby pink and dotted with little white glowing stars. The laces are beige and the heel is the usual wood texture.

   Although these look great, the material doesn't seem as sturdy as the black fur boots that I previously purchased from Boohoo.com (as seen in the above link). Also, they squeak slightly when I walk, which is the sound of the material kinking. An awkward downside, however, the appearance compensates.

   All in all I'd say these shoes are a great buy, and even if you don't like them THAT much, £20 is still a bargain.



  1. those shoes are SUCH a bargain for £20, I really like them!

    just followed you on GFC

    would love if you'd cehck my blog out, and follow back if you like it?



  2. Hey thanks for the comment and the follow!

    Some really good posts on your blog - I've followed back :)


  3. These are so cute! Love them x


    1. Thanks so much for the comment, love your blog :) x


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