Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter Knitwear

   I know this is a bit delayed, as it's already well into winter. However, I'm posting about knitwear just because I love it so damn much. Jumpers are so insanely comfy, fashionable and diverse that I have come to own about fifty, not including those that I 'borrowed' from my grandmother's armoire (who knew that I'd one day be wearing my grandmother's clothes?). Oversized knits look great with a statement necklace - heavily bejewelled, as it's the festive season - and can be paired with chic trousers, heels/flats or, dare I say it, Uggs (if you're really feeling the winter blues). 

So below are a few photos of jumpers that I've recently purchased:

    This one's from New Look. Normally, I'm not a fan of fluorescent pink/green, but this tribal pattern brings something different to the world of high street knitwear. The jumper's got a slight bat-wing style (don't know if this is meant be, or if I bought it a size too big), it's not too thick and it's just the right length to wear with leggings. 'Cream Fluro Printed Yoke Knitted Jumper', £24.99.

    Above is jumper I picked out from H&M. It's just plain grey, but I needed something plain and dark to suit my moody winter face... I'd pair it with black, wet-look leggings and some platform shoe boots, not forgetting and statement necklace. 'Jumper', £14.99.

    Again long enough to wear with leggings, this Primark jumper isn't made with the softest, or least-itchy, of materials, but it still looks decent. The neckline's a little too high for my liking, but hey, that's nothing a statement necklace can't fix! I'm not usually one for stripes, but the stripes on this jumper are wide enough that they don't make me look huge. I think this was £9.00ish. Bargain.

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