Friday, 28 December 2012

Svetlana Ihsanova

Svetlana Ihsanova is a Russian Fashion Illustrator who has created images 

for magazines such as Vogue, while she is also works as a graphics design 

teacher at an art college. Her work is often improvised rather than planned, 

and she uses a variety of mediums that combine freedom and control over her 

work. Experimenting with watercolour, line and ink and graphic design, her 

'grown-up' designs depict the edgy art impact on the world of fashion, taking 

the traditional pretty model image and distorting it with bold, black lines, 

smudged colour and ink-blot splodges.

    Below are some images. I think her work really speaks for itself - it all 

tells a story, perhaps about her life or what she was thinking at the time of 

creating the work. Her contrasting mediums create amazing visual 

representations of beauty and fashion - amazing to look at!

    I personally love the line and ink pieces. They're dazzlingly bold and 

graffiti-like, but exquisitely fashion-esque.


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