Sunday, 30 December 2012


   When is it ever too cold to wear a playsuit?

   Today I'm reviewing a printed one-piece that I purchased from a boutique called Madison. This boutique always supplies gorgeous, unique pieces with a touch of what I call pretty-gothic. I've supplied a link to their website below - take a gander at their jewellery, you'll most probably find something that suits your taste.

   The playsuit itself is a very dark navy to black shade with a recurring pattern of two adorable little burgundy bunnies and a bow. It has three quarter length sleeves that fasten with a button, and also the front of the playsuit fastens with buttons placed diagonally across the chest which creates a v-neck.

   It isn't ridiculously short, as you can see from the photos below, so it can easily be worn casually, perhaps for afternoon tea or a day of shopping.
   On the subject of playsuits in general, it isn't a crime to wear them in winter with tights - in fact, I highly recommend it, as you can pair a playsuit with knee high boots and a trench coat or short jacket for a devastatingly easy put-together. Just, don't forget the tights when you're planning to go out and about - shivering pasty winter legs aren't in the slightest bit attractive.

   If you're planning for summer, brogues are great for laid-back footwear with a playsuit.

   Here I have styled it more for an indoor tea party: nude heels, bare legs, a thin brown belt and a thick gold bangle. I've avoided piling on the jewellery as the print on the playsuit makes a statement by itself.

Madison's website:


  1. Wow that is such a gorgeous playsuit the pattern is so retro I love it x

    1. Thank you! Love your blog by the way x


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