Monday, 10 December 2012


    Miso Textured Peplum Dress. £30. Republic.

    I'm going to a rather classy party on Saturday night and thought I might treat myself to a 'Little Peplum Dress'. I saw this one in Republic, and as there was a sale going on, I thought, "why not?".

    What drew my eye to the dress was the texture. It's made of a stretchy fabric which is raised in gold-coloured lines to create a horizontal, wavy pattern. These stand out really nicely against the cream base fabric, and the pattern doesn't look 'too much'.
    The dress itself is not too short or too tight, and has a peplum that sits at just the right height.
    Another feature that I thought was notable is the padded cups so a bra is not needed. Just make sure, if you're well-endowed, that any slipping-out is avoided.

    Below are some photos of the dress:

    I love it already!


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