Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fashion Blogging / Platform Shoe Boots

I got incredibly bored one day at uni and decided to join a fashion blog that a fellow student had set up. I posted a few articles about various new pieces that I had been buying, before they suddenly got edited to my disliking. I realised, "I can just as easily post about fashion in my own blog." I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, as I love fashion. Plus, blogs don't have to be about just one thing, right? So from now on, all my posts about clothing/jewellery/makeup will be in pink. Just because pink is so awesomely awesome even when it's not a Wednesday.

So, for your entertainment, here's a post about platform shoe boots.

    Recently I've been seeing these 'Platform Shoe Boots' in various high street shops and online.
    They have a Gothic appeal to them, but ooze street style with their chunky heel and lace-up fronts - an aesthetic that has really succeeded over the past few years, beginning with those brown, sheep-wool beauties that took the high street by storm in 2010, or perhaps (in a flatter style) the legendary builder-style boot that my friendship group championed the year before. So I succumbed to the trend and bought myself a pair. After perusing the net for a good few hours, I came across a pair on titled 'Valentina Black Faux Fur Platform Shoe Boots'. I ordered them, along with a few other items (but we shan't talk about my online shopping addiction), and they arrived four days later. 
    What I really liked about them was the fact that they were covered in a coarse, black fur that added a different texture to the look. They were sturdy, and comfortable with a chunky, wood-block heel that was easy to walk with, which is great as I wore them on a night out and my feet didn't hurt (miracle!).
    So here are some photos of the booties: 

    I think they look great with a black, chiffon mixi skirt, or even a maxi, with a rock band t-shirt. Just sayin'.
    I'm tempted to buy another pair from  that look like this:

But they're not available on the site yet. I'll keep you posted...

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  1. I love these style boots. The wooden heels just the perfect fun detail. My latest purchase were actually a pair similar to these and lace boot cuffs. I just love how unique they are.


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