Thursday, 6 December 2012

David Downton

    Apart from having a brilliant 'double D' name, David Downton is world-renowned for his contribution to the realm of fashion illustration. 
   Born in 1959 in Kent, Downton studied at Canterbury and Wolverhampton universities, focusing on illustration and graphics before moving to Brighton to begin a fruitful career in illustration. He worked on designing packaging labels, advertising and illustrating various books for over ten years before he was asked to create drawings at the 1996 Paris Couture Shows (which he now attends annually), which featured the likes of Valentino and Atelier Versace. 
    This kickstarted his career in fashion design. He now creates drawings for clients such as Chanel, Topshop and Dior, while his work has been featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
    One of the most interesting facts that I've found, in my opinion, is that he lectures at the London College of Fashion. I find it really admirable that great artists, poets, writers etc. find the time to impart knowledge on students, amongst their busy schedules.

    Above is an iconic portrait of model, Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy. This portrait really exudes the uber-cool, 60s mod style that Twiggy was right in the centre of. Her eyes, one of her most beautiful features, are so penetrating in this image.

david.jpg    Another iconic model, Lily Cole, is embodied in a gorgeous portrait in the same style as Twiggy (above).


    Erin. No words needed.




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