Monday, 27 August 2012

David Agenjo


This is a really unique artist for me - his work is so different and inspiring, I had to put him on here.
David Agenjo is only in his thirties, born in Madrid in 1977. He had a brief career as a graphic designer before teaching himself how to paint in his chosen medium of acrylic. He was determined to refine what skill he had by attending countless life drawing classes, slowly understanding the shapes and lines of the human body, before creating his own renowned works on canvas.
Influenced by the diverse nature of colour and texture, he experiments frequently, often using another canvas as his paint palette to create the base of his next painting, creating texture that literally lifts his paintings off the canvas.
As you can see below, his works really are beautiful, mixing an array of organic tones with the enchanting architecture of the human body. 


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