Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Thought I'd let you know about...

Jason Levesque, or “Stuntkid” as he is also called. He's a self taught artist who lives and works in America (Virginia, more specifically). His work is weird and beautiful, with inspiration stemming from his interests in biology and Earth sciences. He's one of those artists whose work you see illustrating magazines and whose name appears in tiny writing at the bottom of the page, though he has had regular shows and exhibitions since 2006 in the USA, France, Spain and the good old UK .#tallyho.
What I think is particularly sweet is the fact that he has a link to his wife's artwork on his blog. If only...

These works are exactly the kind of thing that I'd want to hang on my walls, but that my parents would hate - so I'd love it even more.

They're dark and kinda kinky (see left), and all seem to be of women which relates to my own style of work.

 I'm seeing a pattern here... I think he has a thing for hands...


More hands...


More hands...

 And, finally, hands.
Maybe it's a guy thing.

Here are some links if you liked the look of his work.


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