Thursday, 14 June 2012


I think the word 'abstract' has sooo many negative connotations, perhaps brought forward due to the declining interest in current art from the general public. A lot of the art we see around us is commercialised and so we, as humans do, tend to discriminate against anything different; however, I'm not saying that commercial art is a bad thing! All kinds of art should be celebrated - what I'm saying is that abstract art still has a place in current culture, and maybe we should have a little more respect for it. Okay, some of it can be really bad, but a lot of it is really quite aesthetically pleasing :)
That was deep.
Here's a piece that I created today. I used wax and fabric inks on a large piece of paper, then cut it into neat rectangles after it had dried. I don't know if there's meant to be some sort of concept with abstract art, but this doesn't have one :L

I just like that fact that you can put anything in a deep box frame and it looks chic and modern :L


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