Sunday, 30 December 2012


   When is it ever too cold to wear a playsuit?

   Today I'm reviewing a printed one-piece that I purchased from a boutique called Madison. This boutique always supplies gorgeous, unique pieces with a touch of what I call pretty-gothic. I've supplied a link to their website below - take a gander at their jewellery, you'll most probably find something that suits your taste.

   The playsuit itself is a very dark navy to black shade with a recurring pattern of two adorable little burgundy bunnies and a bow. It has three quarter length sleeves that fasten with a button, and also the front of the playsuit fastens with buttons placed diagonally across the chest which creates a v-neck.

   It isn't ridiculously short, as you can see from the photos below, so it can easily be worn casually, perhaps for afternoon tea or a day of shopping.
   On the subject of playsuits in general, it isn't a crime to wear them in winter with tights - in fact, I highly recommend it, as you can pair a playsuit with knee high boots and a trench coat or short jacket for a devastatingly easy put-together. Just, don't forget the tights when you're planning to go out and about - shivering pasty winter legs aren't in the slightest bit attractive.

   If you're planning for summer, brogues are great for laid-back footwear with a playsuit.

   Here I have styled it more for an indoor tea party: nude heels, bare legs, a thin brown belt and a thick gold bangle. I've avoided piling on the jewellery as the print on the playsuit makes a statement by itself.

Madison's website:

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pinterest Finds: DIY Fashion

Diy glitter shoes with ribbon shoe strings.

Cover some brogues with glitter and use ribbon instead of laces. Absolutely gorgeous - who doesn't love a bit of glitter? - but so impractical. I'm seeing trails of glitter like Hansel and Gretel leave breadcrumbs.

Pinned from such a cute little blog:

Crocheted pop-top purse. This is amazing!

This is an interesting purse design if you're feeling particularly recycle-chic. You basically use crotchet, ringpulls and a zipper to create a purse.

The website's in Finnish and Google doesn't translate it too well, but there are lots of photos to help you through:

DIY splash dye rather than tie dye! On my list of crafts for the summer!

I'm not one for tie-dye, but this is slightly different. It's splash-dye, which is self-explanatory really. Given the 'galaxy' phase going on right now, one might experiment with some navy blues, space greens and sunset pinks.

You can buy this particular dress off Etsy here:


Friday, 28 December 2012

Svetlana Ihsanova

Svetlana Ihsanova is a Russian Fashion Illustrator who has created images 

for magazines such as Vogue, while she is also works as a graphics design 

teacher at an art college. Her work is often improvised rather than planned, 

and she uses a variety of mediums that combine freedom and control over her 

work. Experimenting with watercolour, line and ink and graphic design, her 

'grown-up' designs depict the edgy art impact on the world of fashion, taking 

the traditional pretty model image and distorting it with bold, black lines, 

smudged colour and ink-blot splodges.

    Below are some images. I think her work really speaks for itself - it all 

tells a story, perhaps about her life or what she was thinking at the time of 

creating the work. Her contrasting mediums create amazing visual 

representations of beauty and fashion - amazing to look at!

    I personally love the line and ink pieces. They're dazzlingly bold and 

graffiti-like, but exquisitely fashion-esque.


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Where did you get that?

    Where did you get that watch?

    River Island. £28.

   For months I'd been planning to get myself a men's style gold watch, but I just kept on putting it off. I had seen fantastic timepieces from DKNY and Guess, but leading up to Christmas I didn't have the funds to splash out on a £200 watch for myself, plus I had already self-gifted with some MAC makeup. Luckily enough, however, my parents bought me this watch from River Island.

   I adore this watch, as I do with most other River Island watches as they have a brilliant range and they all look gorgeous. I especially love the synthetic tortoise-shell styles - that's next on the list.

   The watch itself is shiny gold, with a satin gold face and a milky opal/marble-coloured synthetic material which appears on the bezel and the strap. The two textures really work together.

   I'm currently pairing the watch with more classy outfits, i.e. blazers paired with black cigarette trousers and heels. However I do firmly uphold that this watch could be worn with a multitude of styles.

   One small thing I wish River island would feature is their brand name on the watch face, as you don't know that it's a branded watch until you see the back of it. For me, a watch says a lot about a person, so I think a brand name would add to that character that you portray by wearing the watch.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Shreya Washed Denim Stud Cut Out Dress. Missguided. £15.59.

    This is one of those rare dresses that look better on you than in the picture, for both texture and colour. However, the fit is a little bit dodgy. Where there cutouts are in the side of the dress, the fabric collects and doesn't sit against your skin properly (although this may be because I have a ridiculously short torso... who knows).
    On the plus side, the silver studs on the collar look amazing - I advise wearing your hair up to really show them off as they are the best part of the dress.
    This dress has a really long zip that goes all the way down your back, which is also tricky to do up when it gets to the middle belt-like section as I believe it catches in the inside material. However, once on, I'm sure you'll love how it looks.
    I wore mine with black platform shoe boots, crystal drop earrings and my hair in a top-bun.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012


    Studded blazer. Crafted. £30.

    For ages I've been looking for a simple, black blazer that goes with anything. I needed something that I could wear to work, on a night out, or just slung over a t-shirt and jeans for coffee. I think I stumbled upon a gem when I found this one.
    Firstly, it's black, so it automatically becomes a staple piece. Second of all, it's studded. Now, the studding isn't too prominent, which is good for casual wear (although I do like a good stud-embellishment). There are about 20-25 little, triangular studs sewn to each of the shoulders - which are padded, by the way. They're not too shiny, rather a gun-metal sort of colour, so you won't be blinding people on a sunny day.
    I bought it in an eight, as that was the only size left (I'm usually a 6-8ish) and it was slightly big on me, so I would describe it as a boyfriend-style blazer.

    Below are some photos:


Monday, 10 December 2012


    Miso Textured Peplum Dress. £30. Republic.

    I'm going to a rather classy party on Saturday night and thought I might treat myself to a 'Little Peplum Dress'. I saw this one in Republic, and as there was a sale going on, I thought, "why not?".

    What drew my eye to the dress was the texture. It's made of a stretchy fabric which is raised in gold-coloured lines to create a horizontal, wavy pattern. These stand out really nicely against the cream base fabric, and the pattern doesn't look 'too much'.
    The dress itself is not too short or too tight, and has a peplum that sits at just the right height.
    Another feature that I thought was notable is the padded cups so a bra is not needed. Just make sure, if you're well-endowed, that any slipping-out is avoided.

    Below are some photos of the dress:

    I love it already!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Casual London

Casual fashion in London town.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

David Downton

    Apart from having a brilliant 'double D' name, David Downton is world-renowned for his contribution to the realm of fashion illustration. 
   Born in 1959 in Kent, Downton studied at Canterbury and Wolverhampton universities, focusing on illustration and graphics before moving to Brighton to begin a fruitful career in illustration. He worked on designing packaging labels, advertising and illustrating various books for over ten years before he was asked to create drawings at the 1996 Paris Couture Shows (which he now attends annually), which featured the likes of Valentino and Atelier Versace. 
    This kickstarted his career in fashion design. He now creates drawings for clients such as Chanel, Topshop and Dior, while his work has been featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
    One of the most interesting facts that I've found, in my opinion, is that he lectures at the London College of Fashion. I find it really admirable that great artists, poets, writers etc. find the time to impart knowledge on students, amongst their busy schedules.

    Above is an iconic portrait of model, Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy. This portrait really exudes the uber-cool, 60s mod style that Twiggy was right in the centre of. Her eyes, one of her most beautiful features, are so penetrating in this image.

david.jpg    Another iconic model, Lily Cole, is embodied in a gorgeous portrait in the same style as Twiggy (above).


    Erin. No words needed.




Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Vintage Suitcase

    If I'm proud of one impulse purchase, it's this one. I was at a vintage market in Snape Maltings, searching through the mass of amazing brooches, silk scarves and long, fur coats, before I spotted a stand selling old, battered suitcases. I've always thought to myself that I loved the look of those little cases with stickers from all the places the carrier has been to. 
    There were at least six cases in various sizes, stacked beneath a canopy, shielded from the impending downpour. I picked up the smallest one and asked the seller the price. It was only £12, but I haggled for £10 as I only had a tenner in my purse. Absolute bargain. I have never loved an impulse buy more.
    However, I don't think I'm really nonchalant enough to pull off carrying an old suitcase around. So I've designated the role of purse organiser to said suitcase. This is what it looks like:

    I intended to line it with some cute Cath kidston paper, but I never got round to it. One of those things.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jewellery Organising

    More often than not, my jewellery gets broken, lost, or eaten by my dogs. I have trouble finding earrings, waste time untangling necklaces and go crazy over the fact that I have nowhere to keep my chunky bracelets, all due to this hot mess:

    And that's not even half of it. The other half is stuffed into a draw, boxed up and/or flung on my dressing table.

    I've had a look around on the internet and I found some great little jewellery boxes on Amazon, but instead of being simple, stand-alone jewellery boxes, they're stackable!  This means that you can buy as many as you like and then stack each one on top of the other to create a tower. 
    I know, this is a whole new world of amazing.

    So, I bought one the other day (they're only around £10 each) and this is what it looks like:

    I know it looks like a bit like a jumble sale, but that's because I've only got one stacker so far. Once I get more, my jewellery can be nice and neatly organised.

    I highly recommend these to anyone with a lot of jewellery. They're also perfect for a gift. Ahem... Christmas!


Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter Knitwear

   I know this is a bit delayed, as it's already well into winter. However, I'm posting about knitwear just because I love it so damn much. Jumpers are so insanely comfy, fashionable and diverse that I have come to own about fifty, not including those that I 'borrowed' from my grandmother's armoire (who knew that I'd one day be wearing my grandmother's clothes?). Oversized knits look great with a statement necklace - heavily bejewelled, as it's the festive season - and can be paired with chic trousers, heels/flats or, dare I say it, Uggs (if you're really feeling the winter blues). 

So below are a few photos of jumpers that I've recently purchased:

    This one's from New Look. Normally, I'm not a fan of fluorescent pink/green, but this tribal pattern brings something different to the world of high street knitwear. The jumper's got a slight bat-wing style (don't know if this is meant be, or if I bought it a size too big), it's not too thick and it's just the right length to wear with leggings. 'Cream Fluro Printed Yoke Knitted Jumper', £24.99.

    Above is jumper I picked out from H&M. It's just plain grey, but I needed something plain and dark to suit my moody winter face... I'd pair it with black, wet-look leggings and some platform shoe boots, not forgetting and statement necklace. 'Jumper', £14.99.

    Again long enough to wear with leggings, this Primark jumper isn't made with the softest, or least-itchy, of materials, but it still looks decent. The neckline's a little too high for my liking, but hey, that's nothing a statement necklace can't fix! I'm not usually one for stripes, but the stripes on this jumper are wide enough that they don't make me look huge. I think this was £9.00ish. Bargain.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fashion Blogging / Platform Shoe Boots

I got incredibly bored one day at uni and decided to join a fashion blog that a fellow student had set up. I posted a few articles about various new pieces that I had been buying, before they suddenly got edited to my disliking. I realised, "I can just as easily post about fashion in my own blog." I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, as I love fashion. Plus, blogs don't have to be about just one thing, right? So from now on, all my posts about clothing/jewellery/makeup will be in pink. Just because pink is so awesomely awesome even when it's not a Wednesday.

So, for your entertainment, here's a post about platform shoe boots.

    Recently I've been seeing these 'Platform Shoe Boots' in various high street shops and online.
    They have a Gothic appeal to them, but ooze street style with their chunky heel and lace-up fronts - an aesthetic that has really succeeded over the past few years, beginning with those brown, sheep-wool beauties that took the high street by storm in 2010, or perhaps (in a flatter style) the legendary builder-style boot that my friendship group championed the year before. So I succumbed to the trend and bought myself a pair. After perusing the net for a good few hours, I came across a pair on titled 'Valentina Black Faux Fur Platform Shoe Boots'. I ordered them, along with a few other items (but we shan't talk about my online shopping addiction), and they arrived four days later. 
    What I really liked about them was the fact that they were covered in a coarse, black fur that added a different texture to the look. They were sturdy, and comfortable with a chunky, wood-block heel that was easy to walk with, which is great as I wore them on a night out and my feet didn't hurt (miracle!).
    So here are some photos of the booties: 

    I think they look great with a black, chiffon mixi skirt, or even a maxi, with a rock band t-shirt. Just sayin'.
    I'm tempted to buy another pair from  that look like this:

But they're not available on the site yet. I'll keep you posted...

Friday, 12 October 2012

New Pieces

Okay, so these are a few more of the pieces from my October Exhibition 'A Show of Hands', as mentioned in the previous post. The exhibit's being held at Victoria Place, Colchester, C01 1LR, UK.

I'm displaying the images on here to publicize a lil' bit, and make sure that the people who can't make it can still enjoy the art.

So, I hope you like them!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New piece for October exhibit

I'm in the process of completing works for an October exhibition in Colchester, Essex. The exhibit, entitled 'A Show of Hands' will display my latest mixed media pieces. Below is one piece that will appear in the gallery - not currently titled and unsure of whether that should be changed...


Monday, 27 August 2012

David Agenjo


This is a really unique artist for me - his work is so different and inspiring, I had to put him on here.
David Agenjo is only in his thirties, born in Madrid in 1977. He had a brief career as a graphic designer before teaching himself how to paint in his chosen medium of acrylic. He was determined to refine what skill he had by attending countless life drawing classes, slowly understanding the shapes and lines of the human body, before creating his own renowned works on canvas.
Influenced by the diverse nature of colour and texture, he experiments frequently, often using another canvas as his paint palette to create the base of his next painting, creating texture that literally lifts his paintings off the canvas.
As you can see below, his works really are beautiful, mixing an array of organic tones with the enchanting architecture of the human body. 


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Piece

Carrying on with the experimentation, I've decided to take a break from using tea and its monochromatic disadvantage, and instead I have mixed graphite with plain old liquid watercolour. After looking at the work by artists in previous blog posts, I have created this piece (below) with allusions to their techniques, e.g. building layers, wet-in-wet, line and ink etc.

So I began by creating the hand on the left using graphite pencil. I decided that I'd focus highly on tonal work in this hand, then use watercolour for the rest of the image. I had to learn to be patient when building up the layers on the face as I often found myself blotting the colours that blurred into others. After completing the face and hair, I used a black gel pen to create the outline of a shirt.

It got a fair response on my Facebook page, which I'm always so pleased to see!
Hope you like it!

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