Saturday, 20 September 2014

5 Reasons to Invest in a Watch this Season

1. They look super classy...

   ...If you've got taste. Believe me, working at a jewellers repairing many a wristwatch, I've seen my fair share of hideous timepieces. However, get the style right and you're on the money. The watch doesn't even need to function if it looks that good - you could potentially wear it as a piece of jewellery. Skagen and Daniel Wellington bear my current favourite designs; their minimalist casings and sleek materials make for the most stylish mid-price watches.

2. You'll never be late

   Okay, this isn't a guarantee. The White Rabbit always seemed to be late, yet he always carried a gigantic pocket watch. But I found that, when wearing the time on my wrist, right in front of me, I was able to keep a much closer eye on my next approaching appointment.

3. You can stop constantly checking your phone

   Unless you've got pockets, it's a bit difficult to keep rummaging around in your bag every 5 minutes to find your phone. Plus, it's a well known fact that we spend to much time with our eyes on our screens, instead of what's going on around us - you could miss something amazing!

4. It's a chance to be unique

   Let's face it, how many people wear watches these days? Out of all my friends, most will rely on their phones to check the time - but they're missing out on a crucial fashion accessory! Therefore, if you buy a watch  that suits your style and taste, the chances of one of your friends buying the same one are minimal. Instant individuality.

5. It's a statement

   Like that Céline tote, or those Giuseppe heels, a watch is bought as a statement of your style and personality. For example, you may go for a black, buttery leather strap with a rose gold face as a sign of your love of luxury, or you might be tempted by all over silver hardware with a metal bracelet if you're a minimalist girl - or even an all-white affair with a rubber strap if sports luxe is your thing. The possibilities are endless.

ASOS £22 / Daniel Wellington £159 / Skagen £115 / Sekonda £39.99 / Moschino £165

Thursday, 18 September 2014

August/September 2014 Fashion Haul


Watch - £22
Silver Leaf Ring - £14
Choker - £3
Mesh skirt - £17
Cardigan - £14
Sunglasses - £6.50


Bag - £10

New Look

Scarf – £14.99
Jeans - £22.99


Crop Top - £6.99
Grey top - £12.99
Paris top - £12.99
Wool hat - £14.99

Dorothy Perkins

Culottes - £28


Nike Air Force 1 - £46.99

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Blossoming Autumn

HAT - H&M / TOP - H&M (similar here) / TROUSERS - H&M / SHOES - RIVER ISLAND (similar here) / WATCH - ASOS

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Weekday Wishlist

   Yesterday I was unwillingly stuck in central London for a few hours and, naughtily, I decided that I'd just have a look around the shops to get some ideas for my A/W wardrobe. I decided that, as I'd worn way too much black during the Summer months (and now my winter paleness cannot cope with that amount of severity) I'd pick out some clothes that emanated the gorgeous Autumn colours that I'm seeing everywhere.

   Lo and behold, I ended up buying three items of clothing, all of which were black.

   So even when I'm consciously making an effort to buy colourful clothes, my subconscious is obviously telling me that I could never EVER look good in that beautiful mustard jumper, or that smart pair of cobalt trousers.

   With that realisation, I've concluded that, the next time I go shopping, I shall buy items that still retain an element of black, but that also feature a little pop of colour - like the items below, for example...

1. Floral Scuba Midi Skirt by Dorothy Perkins - £25
2. Teardrop Stone Choker by Topshop - £8.50
3. Printed T-shirt by Mango - £27.99
4. Tatiana2 Heels by Nine West at Kurt Geiger - £69
5. Paisly Longline Kimono by River Island - £45
6. Embroidered T-shirt by Stradivarius - £17.99
7. Longsleeve Knitted Pullover by Vero Moda - £27.84
8. Lace Hem Midi Skirt by Topshop Unique at Net-a-Porter - £155
9. Timble Weave Bag by Clarks - £89.99

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Moda In Pelle Debuts at LFW

   Opening day at London Fashion Week saw high street retailer, Moda In Pelle, collaborate with cutting-edge London design house, PPQ, with a capsule collection featuring high-shine boots, courts and sandals in stunning white monochrome.

   Although, from a design perspective, Moda In Pelle haven't been my 'go to' brand for party heels, a turn towards a more futuristic, edgy look has really caught my eye. I think a collab with an innovative brand such as PPQ has kicked their design process up a notch; Amy Molyneaux, designer at PPQ, stated, "The collection we are showing at LFW is a clean and beautiful version of the PPQ girl with fresh shades, high shine and lots of reflection throughout. Accessories are futuristic and modern and the Moda in Pelle collection finishes off the designs perfectly", hinting at the fact that we should keep an eye out for new designs from the high street footwear brand.

    The mingling of faux snakeskin, holographic fabric and full-on embellishment in the aptly titled 'Space Safari' show, has made this capsule collection one which I would definitely consider purchasing myself. The shoes will be part of Moda In Pelle's SS15 collection, available from next week.

Photographs by Ben Pruchníe

Friday, 12 September 2014

You're Shining Like a 5th Avenue Diamond


* Items were gifted

Meeting a Boa Constrictor

   Shopping in my local town centre, I cam across a group of people marveling at what appeared to be two people holding large snakes. At a closer look, the couple worked at a newly opened reptile specialist, and they were promoting their new business with the help of two rather nonchalant looking boa constrictors.

   I'd never held a snake before, but these seemed perfectly happy to be handled, so after snapping a few photos of these stunning creatures, I decided to tick a box off my bucket list and hold one myself. 

   It was such an amazing experience! The boa was quite heavy, and kept slipping off my shoulders, but it appeared quite content with the fact that I was holding it. Its skin felt like bumpy leather, but it was a beautiful brown-gold shade with a gorgeous pattern!

   If you're thinking about keeping a boa constrictor as a pet, there are many things you'll need to consider about their maintenance - as they are an exotic animal! Find out more info on The Urban Python or ask at a specialist reptile shop.