Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Perfect White Shirt x Hawes & Curtis

   There's nothing more satisfying than finding a shirt that ticks all the boxes: perfect length, cut, colour, pattern, material. This could be applied to any piece of clothing, but with a shirt the satisfaction of perfection increases ten fold. 

   Anyone can look great in a crisp, white shirt. It looks so smart dressed up with tailored trousers, and effortlessly casual when paired with ripped jeans; it can be worn with a peek of a lacy black brassiere, or underneath a studded leather jacket. I've paired this stunning Hawes & Curtis shirt* with culottes, a floppy hat, round lens sunglasses and heels for a dressed-up-casual look - perfect for lunch with friends.

   The fabric is stiff enough to hold its shape, but supple enough to allow for easy movement, and the sleeves can be worn cuffed or rolled up (I prefer the latter, for a more relaxed style). I would definitely wear this casually, and can't wait to pair it up with a longline jacket and chunky scarf in winter. And at 3 for £69, I'd be stupid not to add some pastel versions to my wardrobe!


* Items were gifted for review purposes

Saturday, 27 September 2014

5 Tips For Selling Your Clothes on eBay

   Sometimes I strike luck with eBay, and sometimes it can go in completely the opposite direction. It's an efficient, easy-to-use tool for sellers like me looking to revamp and restock their wardrobe - but it definitely has its drawbacks.

   On one particular occasion, I auctioned a dress for 99p and it sold for £10.50 (so I was pretty delighted); however, the buyer opted to pay for untracked postage rather than the more expensive recorded - and lo and behold the parcel somehow went missing. I kept a proof of postage and sent a scan of the receipt to the buyer, and also gave her other advice such as checking if her neighbours had received the parcel by accident, or asking at her local post office to see if they'd had any undelivered post under her name. Despite my attempts to help her, she left me negative feedback, which killed my perfect 100% feedback average, thus scaring away customers - which leads me to my first point...

1. ...Always offer a tracked postage option

   This way, you're assured of your parcel's whereabouts, and your buyer can't blame you for a missing item. If you're unsure of costs, find yourself a good pair of scales and weigh your package in grams, then check the price on Royal Mail's price finder.

   Free postage is an option that eBay tells you will 'attract buyers', but you might want to consider raising the price of your item so that you're not losing money.

2. Take as many photos as possible...

   ...Especially if there are defects; buyers need to know exactly what they're purchasing, so get a good camera, plain or pretty background and bright lighting and get snapping. For example, if you've got a jacket with a missing button, photograph the front, back, pockets, sleeves, and the area of the defect.

    I once had a buyer who demanded a refund because a button was missing. I had no recollection of there being a defect (I'm very meticulous about the state of my clothes), but I didn't have a photograph of the specific area to back it up.

   eBay lets you include up to twelve photos on any one item, so you've got plenty of opportunities to ensure your buyer fully comprehends the state of the clothing.

3. Don't use empty adjectives to describe items

   Buyers can detect that you're full of s*** when you continuously use words like 'lovely' and 'gorgeous' in your item descriptions. They want hard facts: the brand, the cut, the material, the size, etc. Be as descriptive as possible, as if you're describing the item to someone who cannot see.

   Other statements you could make are whether your clothing comes from a smoke or pet-free home, or how much wear the item has had.

4. Block buyers that lack certain requirements

   To assure that you don't get caught in a bad deal, use eBay's buyer/bidder management service to block buyers that are: registered in countries that you don't post to, have a low feedback score, have unpaid item strikes or don't have a PayPal account.

   By doing this you'll increase your chances of bids from genuine buyers, rather than those who have ulterior motives.

5. Make the most of your item's selling points

   I've noticed that I receive more views on items that are from popular brands, particularly Topshop, items that are brand new with tags (BNWT) or brand new without tags (BNWOT) and items that are in smaller sizes (as these can be difficult to find on the high street).

   Make the most of these points as, along with the photo, these are the things the buyer sees first. So a good example would be (edit accordingly): Topshop Dress Size 6 BNWT. Avoid using anything but the main elements of an item, as these elements are what a buyer is going to type into a search bar - get it right, and your listing should be near the top of the search page.

Friday, 26 September 2014

How to Wear Flares this Season

1. Rachel-Marie from Jaglever wears her daisy-print flares with a crop, denim jacket and her signature fedora.

2. Blogger and ASOS stylist, Megan, pairs simple, black flares with a white tee and copious amounts of fur.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

3. Lulu from LuluTrixabelle brings the sequins back into disco with her shiny, multi-coloured flares. Extra points for the fluffy boa.

4. Shay from The Londonite wears black denim flares with a Missguided tee, wide-brimmed hat and furry tote.

1x1.trans Calça Flare e Jaqueta de couro feminina com franjas

5. Sheryl from Walk In Wonderland wears a Breton shirt with aviators and denim flares for a cool, off-duty look.

6. Vanessa from Decor e Salto Alto teams eye-catching leopard print heels and a red, wide-brimmed hat with her denim flares.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Moschino's Barbie SS15 Capsule Collection: Think Pink

    When I saw the Moschino SS15 catwalk a few days ago, I must admit that I was slightly skeptical about whether or not Jeremy Scott had made a wrong move.

   However, as the models continued to strut down the runway, little by little I saw the genius behind the vomit-pink patent dresses, quilted shell suits and extreme puffball skirts. Each piece was overtly frothy, emanating the unmistakable style of the world-renowned Barbie doll; the pieces came together with ease to form a collection that promoted Scott's ability to turn Moschino (or, in fact, any brand) into one that could be instantly recognisable, in the same way as our beloved Barbie. Automatically, we can now identify that long, yellow Spongebob-adorned jumper dress, that primary-red-and-yellow french fries phone case and that black and gold logo-emblazoned belt, as none other than Moschino. And now we have a new association. The mingling of Moschino and Barbie was perhaps one of the smartest moves ever made by the designer.

   The show was accompanied by Aqua's 1997 comic tribute to the silicon doll blaring through the speakers - as if we didn't get the message already. But a surprise came when model, Charlotte Free, skated somewhat precariously towards the end of the runway and back, suggesting just the kind of fun that Scott is known for. Not only were there a handful of show-stopping gowns, and even a white tuxedo, but also pieces for outerwear, beachwear and casual.

   Some pieces, such as a classic contrast trench coat, were extremely wearable, even if you didn't have the blonde-bombshell hair to match. Moschino's main collection isn't available until next year, but they've released a capsule collection which is available now (but I predict this'll sell out pretty quickly!). Below are a few of my favourites from the capsule collection - however, I'll still have to wait for my real favourites to be released!

1. Leather Outerwear - £1,593
3. Sleeveless T-Shirt - £205
4. iPhone 5 Case - £44
5. Leather Skirt - £1,265
6. Mini Skirt - £224
7. Rucksack - £422
8. Small Leather Bag - £1,050

Shop the entire capsule collection here

Monday, 22 September 2014

Thinking Out Loud


Saturday, 20 September 2014

5 Reasons to Invest in a Watch this Season

1. They look super classy...

   ...If you've got taste. Believe me, working at a jewellers repairing many a wristwatch, I've seen my fair share of hideous timepieces. However, get the style right and you're on the money. The watch doesn't even need to function if it looks that good - you could potentially wear it as a piece of jewellery. Skagen and Daniel Wellington bear my current favourite designs; their minimalist casings and sleek materials make for the most stylish mid-price watches.

2. You'll never be late

   Okay, this isn't a guarantee. The White Rabbit always seemed to be late, yet he always carried a gigantic pocket watch. But I found that, when wearing the time on my wrist, right in front of me, I was able to keep a much closer eye on my next approaching appointment.

3. You can stop constantly checking your phone

   Unless you've got pockets, it's a bit difficult to keep rummaging around in your bag every 5 minutes to find your phone. Plus, it's a well known fact that we spend to much time with our eyes on our screens, instead of what's going on around us - you could miss something amazing!

4. It's a chance to be unique

   Let's face it, how many people wear watches these days? Out of all my friends, most will rely on their phones to check the time - but they're missing out on a crucial fashion accessory! Therefore, if you buy a watch  that suits your style and taste, the chances of one of your friends buying the same one are minimal. Instant individuality.

5. It's a statement

   Like that Céline tote, or those Giuseppe heels, a watch is bought as a statement of your style and personality. For example, you may go for a black, buttery leather strap with a rose gold face as a sign of your love of luxury, or you might be tempted by all over silver hardware with a metal bracelet if you're a minimalist girl - or even an all-white affair with a rubber strap if sports luxe is your thing. The possibilities are endless.

ASOS £22 / Daniel Wellington £159 / Skagen £115 / Sekonda £39.99 / Moschino £165

Thursday, 18 September 2014

August/September 2014 Fashion Haul


Watch - £22
Silver Leaf Ring - £14
Choker - £3
Mesh skirt - £17
Cardigan - £14
Sunglasses - £6.50


Bag - £10

New Look

Scarf – £14.99
Jeans - £22.99


Crop Top - £6.99
Grey top - £12.99
Paris top - £12.99
Wool hat - £14.99

Dorothy Perkins

Culottes - £28


Nike Air Force 1 - £46.99