Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's All About Tetley + WIN a Tetley Tea Bundle


   Did you know that Tetley tea has been knocking around in our cupboards since 1837? No, neither did I. In fact, brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley began their business by selling tea from the back of a packhorse in Yorkshire, but it wasn't the kind of tea that we're used to these days - tea bags didn't arrive in England until 1939, when a Tetley representative brought the idea back from America.

   Since the 2004, the nation's favourite tea manufacturer has been innovating fruit and herbal infusions, green teas and speciality blends, tempting tastebuds across the nation - and it's definitely working - a staggering 36 million cups of Tetley are consumed each day!

   There was a time when all Tetley black tea came from China, but they now work closely with thousands of tea gardens from all over the world to get the best brew. They're all about shaping a tea industry that is environmentally sustainable and socially fair, which is why they're a founding member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and are committed to sourcing 100% of their tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified gardens by 2016.


   It seems like a perfect job for most people in Britain - we definitely love our tea - but to become a tea taster takes at least five years worth of training, and there's a heck of a lot of vocab to learn (over 200 terms are used to describe tea!). 

   I'd like to say I drink enough tea to know the basics: Assam, Chai, Jasmine, Rooibos, etc. But there are a wealth of phrases that are new to me. For example, did you know that 'nose' is used to describe a good aroma, or that 'flat' connotes a tea that is not fresh? 'Biscuity' is a desirable characteristic of a well-fired Assam, whilst 'bite' means a very brisk and alive tea liquor; 'sparkle' is used to express the clarity and purity of colour, and 'toasty' refers to a tea that has been slightly over-fired during processing.

   And that's only a handful! You can find out more about Tetley's tea blending practices in this guide.


   Just as there are many different flavours in foods, there are also many flavours of tea; combine the right tastes and you've got a winner.

   EXTRA STRONG TEA is my favourite for a quick pick-me-up; it's a blend of full-bodied Assam and brisk African tea, and goes perfectly with red meat dishes such as lamb tagine, roast dinner, or my all-time favourite food, lasagne.

   MINT GREEN TEA is a perfectly fresh, but calming, drink for the mid-afternoon stretch; it brings out the sweet, minty aromas in Moroccan food, but can also work well with a fresh fruit salad.

   RASPBERRY & POMEGRANATE GREEN TEA is a subtly sweet and relaxing tea with all the freshness of plain green tea. It's a great treat with a handful of dark chocolate, or a fruity cake, or both!

   You could WIN yourself all three of these teas as part of my Tetley Tea Bundle - just answer the question about specialised tea terminology in the Rafflecopter widget below (if you've been reading closely, you should be able to figure out the answer right away!). Get extra points for subscribing to Art Style Love on Bloglovin', and following both me and Tetley on Twitter.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lost Like Some Forgotten Dream


Monday, 17 November 2014

Why You Can Still Feel Sexy & Show Less Flesh

   Earlier this year, a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted. It was broad daylight, she was in a high street women's clothing store surrounded by other female shoppers, and a man felt the insidious need to grab her inappropriately.

   When you're told a story like this, you're not supposed to wonder if what the victim was wearing provoked the crime, but, disparagingly, this notion is ever prevalent when discussing sexual assaults, so I'll describe her outfit for the purpose of this post: she wore a pink skater skirt, a grey t-shirt and flats - nothing loud and nothing revealing (not that those aspects justify an assault) - but now she believes that it was that above-the-knee, flowy-style skirt that prompted the attack, so much so that she's thrown it away and pushed all her other skirts to the back of her wardrobe.

   Months later, she still feels as if she cannot leave the house wearing a skirt any higher than calf-length, and never buys tight or low-cut tops. At first, it was for fear of another incident, but now it's just habit - she likes the silhouette of midi skirts and the comfort of an oversized jumper, the chicness of a cocoon coat and the warmth of a blanket cape. The only thing is, she doesn't feel 'sexy' anymore.

   This is what hit me the hardest. This girl has had her desirability taken away from her, by one sick guy looking for a kick. And don't get me wrong, it's not that she wants all eyes on her, but to feel desirable and confident in yourself is a wonderful, uplifting thing that we all have the right to experience.

   She can't find the strength to wear what she used to wear, so I decided to put together a list of items that can make her feel confident, sexy and, above all, happy in herself. If you've gone through a similarly distressing situation and feel the same way, hopefully this list will help you, too.

1. Midi-dress by H&M - £29.99
2. Midi-dress by River Island - £65
3. Pink Jumpsuit by Three Floor - £168
4. White Shirt by Alexander Wang - £255
5. Leopard Print Heels by Kurt Geiger - £80
6. Black Leggings by J Brand - £265
7. Crop Top by River Island - £24
8. Peplum Jacket by Proenza Schouler - £1,230
9. Metallic Midi-skirt by Topshop - £60
10. Studded Flats by Zara - £49.99
11. Pencil Skirt by Miss Selfridge - £25
12. Sheer Shirt by River Island - £38
13. Heels by Steve Madden - £75
14. Crop Top by House of Holland - £295


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review: Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Makeup

   During this year's long, humid summer, I spent most of my time wearing either BB creams or nothing at all on my face. Every time I tried getting ready, heavier products would just slide off in the heat, and I'd be left with a gooey mess of eyeshadow, mascara and streaky foundation by the time I'd finished. Thank God the weather toned down a bit, and I could finally think about purchasing a full-coverage foundation.


   I popped into Debenhams and wandered over to their newly-acquired Urban Decay stand, and asked the assistant whether they had any full-coverage products. After 20 minutes of test-applications, and her trying to convince me that their medium-to-low coverage foundation (which is the only one in the brand's entire range) was buildable, I moved on; I wasn't prepared to wake up earlier in order to apply several layers of foundation to get the right coverage - I needed a product which could give me results in a single application.

   Next stop - the Clinique stand. Upon hearing the words 'full-coverage', the assistant directed me straight towards their Repairwear foundation. She stated that, although the product was 'anti-aging', it was great for young skin as well. She then tested a patch on my skin, and handed me a 5-day supply to test out by myself; this is a great service, by the way - Clinique's samples always provide enough for a good week's worth of use. The assistant also gave me a similar-sized sample of their Superprimer, which I mentioned in my latest beauty haul.


   I didn't even have to use this sample for 5 days to know that I was set on buying it. After the first application, I was so happy with the results that I purchased it from the website straight away.

   The formula is creamy, rather than moussey, and evens out really well with the use of a buffer brush - I don't recommend a flat brush as this can make the formula sit on the skin rather than blend in - I'm currently using Real Techniques' buffing brush, available in their Core Collection. If you are using a buffing brush, I've found that you can mediate the coverage of the formula by taking a small amount and really blending it into the skin, or using a slightly larger amount to achieve full coverage.

   It stays put for at least eight hours, after which time it seemed to cake slightly around my hairline; I advise using a good primer and moisturiser as a base, to help it stay smooth and even for longer. If you're looking for a foundation to take you from work to early morning clubbing, this isn't for you.

   Its SPF is slightly low at just 15, but I tend to use a facial sunscreen underneath my makeup anyway, regardless of the factor of the foundation, as you can never underestimate the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

   This currently retails at £25 at Debenhams, £27 at Boots and £22.50 at John Lewis.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Weekday Wishlist 12/11/14

1. Biker Boots by Boohoo - £40
2. Grey Jumper by Carven - £385
3. Silver Mini Satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim - £545
4. Choker by Regal Rose - £26
5. Longline Coat by Cédric Charlier - £820
6. Slogan Clutch by Missguided - £17.99
7. Conquer Ring by Rogue & Wolf - £36
8. Oversized T-shirt by River Island - £18
9. Leather Flats by Moda in Pelle - £69.95
10. Joggers by Topshop - £38
11. Dress by Monki - £25

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

October 2014 Beauty Haul: Clinique, MAC, OPI etc.

   I was lucky enough to spy an offer at Debenhams which bagged me a free Clinique gift with to purchases. I received a cute little makeup bag complete with five gorgeous products - all of which are superb quality and I'm super excited about adding them to my makeup routine.

   Alongside this, I also purchased the famed 'Ruby Woo' MAC lipstick, a Bare Minerals brush shampoo and a stunning OPI nail polish - check out all these products in the video below!

Products mentioned:

MAC Lipstick - £15.50